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  • Web design and web hosting services

Data American is a one-stop-shop IT company located in Los Angeles and Miami, who offers professional custom web design, E-commerce, web hosting, dedicated servers, Business E-mail software, and search engine optimization. Data American established its headquarter in Los Angeles and is now operating a new branch in Miami.

  • Custom Web Design

Custom web design means designing and programming a website completely from scratch quite compatible to our clients' business taste and needs. Data American understands that you and your business are unique and thus your website needs to be as such. In Data American we value our customers one by one and will spend time to get to know you and your business. Our consultants listen to your needs, requirements, and desires in detail and finally define project proposal accordingly.

  • Global Service Provider

We offer all of our services globally. Even though Data American's headquarter is located in Los Angeles, California, our services are NOT limited to only the Los Angeles area.
If you reside in other states or countries and you believe our services match your business expectations, do not hesitate; simply contact us and we will assist you with all of your business IT needs. You are guaranteed to receive services with the same quality as our clients with whom we meet in person.